Jayaprabha and Shant Kiran were the two studios that were busy creating Marathi feature films. These movies/ feature films were popular, not only through out the Maharashtra, but also in the nearby states. Though Mumbai, that is Bollywood was the extant Hindi film industry was dominating the Indian scenario, the Marathi film industry was not shadowed under its influence.

It was mainly because Kolhapur was engaged in creating thematically novel, artistically good and commercially viable Marathi films. People like Actor Chandrakant, Directors Anant Mane, D.C.Ambapkar, Subhash Bhurake, Shankar Saverkar and Vasant Shinde felt that Marathi Film Industry should advance with the advancing times. They should adopt new point of views and the novel technics and technologies. How ever, the progress had a limitation about available studios and their infrastructure available in those times.

They started dreaming of a situation, where a complex and well equipped film city can be made available.

In that film city, all the essential up to date technology, equipment, facilities and other infrastructure would be available!
Driven by the dream, these pioneers, eyed for a piece of land of 78 Acres in More wadi, in the southern part of Kolhapur. They completed all the required formalities. In 1980, it all started. In 1984, the new film city of Kolhapur got a good shape.

To  help you realise your dream,
The available facilities such as
1. Various locations well equipped for immediate shoot, and the facilities to create special locations as per the requirement.
3. All the facilities and means for travel, transport and logistics post production.
4. Three state of the art hostels for the comfortable stay of the unit.
5. Scenic locations for the shooting
6. Locations of all the types such as in door and out door, are available
7. Eateries, restaurants and fine dining facility to titillate the tongue and satiate the appetite
9. The market place having created its mark on the global platform
Thus as of now, it is possible to shoot and record all types including Chroma.
In the vicinity of Kolhapur there are many scenic and beautiful places suitable and available for out door shooting.. For the post production all the equipment s, and amenities are available in Kolhapur. Hence after the shooting, the post- production is possible and convenient.
That’s why we insist
You come with your dreams and imagination, and while winding up out of Kolhapur, leave with entirely complete movie/feature film with you

The Cine city of Kolhapur, the connoisseur and hospitable eagerly awaits you!