Kolhapur the historical place where the golden era of Marathi film industry was conceived and nurtured, is also recognised as ‘Kalapur’ – the City of Arts. It stands as the present day film city. The seed of the Kolhapur Film city was sowed due to the blessings and patronage of Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj and the efforts of Baburao Painter.

The foundation laid by directors such as Bhalaji Pendharkar, Master Vinayak, and V. Shantaram, alongside the contributions of singers and music directors like Lata Mangeshkar, and actors such as Suryakant and Dada Kondake, further strengthened the film industry’s position. Their relentless struggle, dedication, and perspiration nurtured the seed of the film cradle into a grand tree. In such a ripe soil, many Marathi films were created which were competing with each other for quality and class.

As the time fled, the buildings, the studios and the people, who conceived it, were to succumb to the forces of time. But they passed on the legacy of love, passion and vision, to their succeeding generations.

Due to the same legacy, the newer generation have created the new, modern Film City. In southern Kolhapur, the 78 Acre land in Morewadi is culminated into a state of the art Film City with various facilities required in film-making and many more additions to cater to the needs of modern filmmaking..

The Film City stands true to the challenges of globalized market competition, that nourishes the minds, touches the hearts of the connoisseurs, and fuels the intellects.