Around The Film City

Scenic Ambiance Near Kolhapur

Forts, bastions, hills, water bodies, lakes and rivers have encircled the city of Kolhapur. There are many locations in and around the city which can be explored for the shooting.It includes:

Temple of Mahalaxmi: It is a temple dated about 640 CE from Chalukya rein. Dynasties of Shilahar and Yadava had a patronage. The temple is made up of stone with the image of deity in Black stone.

Rankala Lake: It is a scenic water body formed from a stone quarry in 8-9th century CE. It has scenic ambiance of ‘The Shalini Palace’ and ‘Padmaraje Garden’ around it.

Town hall: A neo-gothic structure built about 150 years ago. It is now converted into a museum with artefacts from Satavahana period (about 200 BC to 200 CE.).

Palace of Chh. Shahu Maharaj: The palace constructed about 150 years ago is a building in black polished stone. It is Octagonal in shape with a tower in the middle, It houses a museum due to memorabilia of the kingdom. It includes garden, fountain and wrestling ground.

Historical fort of Panhala: The fort was built in the reign of Shilahara in 12th century but won over by Yadava. It gained prominance in the reign of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 17th century, as a strategic place.

Jyotiba Temple: The place of worship for Jyotiba, a deity known in the mythology, The present day temple was constructed about 300 years ago which was further extended about fifty years later. It is a place of worship, and a titular deity of many families in Maharashtra.

Kanheri Math: A shiva temple made of stone only without any cementing.

Katyayani Hill: A place of worship of a deity Katyayani who is a mythological deity. The royal family used to visit it during hunting outing by them. It is a temple with water body nearby.

Temple of Tembalai: The hill temples constitute two temples. The larger one is named as Goddess Temblai and the smaller one as Goddess Yamai.

The places at a short distance away from the city of Kolhapur

Vadi of Narsoba: A scenic spot at the confluence of rivers Krishna and Panchaganga. It is well- known for presence of incarnation of Dattatreya, a hindu god and their devotees.

Khidrapur: It is an intricately carved Shiva temple from 12th century, under the patronage of Shilahara kings. It has idols of Dhopeshwar as Vishnu and Kopeshwar as Shiva. It has a similar Jain temple as well. The place was a battle field for Chola and Chalukya in 1150 CE. It acquired fame in recent times due to shooting of ‘Katyar Kalajat Ghusali’.

Banks of river Varana: Popular for the scenic beauty of the river, its tributaries and confluence of these rivers. It merges into the river Krishna.

The photogenic scenic beauty of the nearby places are sure to attract the cinematographers and directors. Hence, through them, it would attract spectators as well. All these places have facilities for shooting.

Locations of various types:

Many a time the director requires realistic shooting. In Kolhapur, various realistic locations are available. The connoisseurs of Kolhapur are ever ready to share it for the shooting with their fond co-operation and support.

Eateries and Restaurants:

Technicians, often leaving behind their homes and villages, find their taste buds satisfied with the plethora of eateries, restaurants, and hotels available. Local delicacies like Bhel, Red and White Rassa (a type of curry), ice cream, and other dairy-related sweets contribute to a diverse culinary experience. With a seemingly endless list of delectable options, Kolhapur emerges as a significant destination for food enthusiasts. For those immersed in the shooting process, it offers a refreshing change of palate.

Market place recognised in the global scenario:

The market is not a far- off place from the Film city. It boasts of unique Golden ornament set for women (rightly called ‘saaj’ in Marathi) and other ornaments, Leather chappals worth GI tag, the head gear (Pheta), the nine yard Sari, other apparels are the things that one can not resist the temptation of having one or two. In fact a person having come for the shooting rarely goes back, empty handed from the market.

Kolhapur is a place of balanced ambiance. It does not experience harsh extremity of the atmosphere such as hot sun, and rains or chilling winter. In fact every season is worth enjoying the seasonal natural wealth.It has jaggery making from sugar cane, various fairs, farms and fields, gardens and lawns and grass lands. Thus is the city with an inheritance of natural prosperity and cultural tradition. It is getting enriched day by day, to culminate into the Kolhapur Film City.