Jyotiba Set

The set has acquired the name of Jotiba due to the serial of the same name. After the much acclaimed mythological serial of Mr. Mahesh Kothare, the set was used for other serials. The serial based on the saint of Shegaon, Shree Gajanan Maharaj was shot on the set. On this set mythological and historical times and ambiance can be easily created. The property and the premises are suitable for such dramas. It includes a small rural village, a small rural residence (Wada in Marathi).

List of available infrastructure

  • At one end a bungalow with state of the art construction style, to the other end a ‘Vada’ from rustic rural area
  • It includes all the relevant property
  • If one takes a look at the facilities available, it is very clear that a large and important part of the movie can be shot over here.
  • It also includes a large Porch
  • Three bedrooms
  • Three halls
  • Three large rooms
  • A well maintained garden ,the garden includes lawn, flowers, and plants
  • A Cross-section (‘Chowk’ in Marathi)
  • A veranda from all the four sides