Studio 1


This studio can be used as a Police station, court, government office, Dispensary

Reception, which are always needed in any film. With some cosmetic changes such as color, combinations, property such as furniture it can be used as per the requirement.
Here a floor with 60X40 size is available.
As a painter creates a painting on the canvas, the art director can use the floor as his canvas for creating a set as per the requirement.
In addition the skilled work force and machinery and other facilities for creating such locations are available.
The amenities includes
two cafeteria and two rest rooms.
The studio number 2 is thus an opportunity to  use existing locations and create the newer one as per expectations and requirements.

Description Area
Stage 1 21,550 sq ft
Stage 2 19,460 sq ft
Stage 3 10,880 sq ft
Stage 4 25,600 sq ft

Common Features

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Studio 2

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Dakkhancha Raja Jyotiba Set

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