Upcoming Locations

Kolhapur Film City is in a constant state of evolution. It continuously keeps on adding new sets. Amongst them, New Wada, Bungalow, Temple, Chawl, Railway station, three hostels totaling around 15 additions are currently underway. Progress is swift and soon they will be ready for use.

Studio 3

Kolhapur Film City is always changing. It continuously keeps on adding new sets. Amongst them, New wada, Bungalow, Temple, Chawl, Railway station, three hostels and other infrastructure facility about fifteen such addition are in progress with a nice speed. They will be finished shortly

Patilwada No 2

Yes, you read it right! Considering the narratives in Marathi movies where the Chieftain is integral in the story plots, one residence of the chieftain of village (Patil wada, in Marathi) can hardly suffice. Hence yet another one is getting ready. It has various halls, larger rooms, kitchen, veranda, stairs, front yard, porch and other facilities. In addition make up room, rest rooms and other essential commodities will be available. The chieftain’s residence will be fully furnished in no time, poised and ready for shooting.


This is a cinematic Gem. The perfect bungalow set for your next shoot. As you approach the bungalow set, you’re immediately struck by its captivating appearance , exuding timeless elegance and charm. The architecture blends seamlessly with its surroundings, providing a versatile backdrop that can effortlessly transform to suit any genre or theme.


The chawl holds significant prominence in Marathi and Hindi narratives. Soon, a C-shaped chawl will grace the scene, accompanied by an expansive open space measuring sixty feet by sixty feet. This space will be adorned with an imposing arch spanning eighteen feet by eighteen feet.


To meet the storyline’s demands, a hostel will be erected, offering accommodation for approximately twenty individuals in separate rooms. The ground floor will feature two expansive halls, each measuring 60 feet by 30 feet, alongside a restaurant. This three-story hostel will include an elevator for convenience.


Temple is an integral part of any plot in Indian cinema. The Tenple set in Film City has nicely spread sanctum auditorium, a Deepamala which is a tower to be lit and adorned by lamps, and and various idols of deities to be used as per the requirement. The sanctum auditorium will be of 32 feet by 38 or 48 feet. It will have a height of twelve feet. Such a large temple will be available for shooting, in a short time.

Railway Station

The railway station being constructed has a dimension of 20 feet by 200 feet with a covered platform. It also has an uncovered platform of 20 feet by 200 feet. The station is endowed with a rail track of about 600 feet long.