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Kolhapur Filmcity

Discover Kolhapur Film City, a radiant jewel for contemporary cinema, serials, and multimedia endeavors! Nestled in the heart of Maharashtra’s cultural landscape, Kolhapur serves as a cradle for classical Marathi cinema, catering to media users on international, national, and regional stages alike. Evolving continually to meet the demands of modern times, techniques and tastes, Kolhapur Film City stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity.

Kolhapur Film city is situated at Morewadi, in the southern part of Maharashtra, in India. The city of Kolhapur is known as a cultural treasure trove of Maharashtra. It has a tradition of six decades of film making.

The Film City is blessed with abundant resources essential for filmmaking. Boasting top-notch facilities and convenient access to a wealth of talent, both in terms of technical expertise and skilled workforce, it serves as an ideal hub for the cinematic arts. It is full of natural scenic beauty, and conveniently connected by means of transport and logistics.

The Film City’s stronghold is its indoor studios, picturesque outdoor locations and a conducive atmosphere for good quality art work- a peculiarity of the Film city that sets it apart.

Kalapur- a village full of art- thus is the metaphoric identity of Kolhapur. The Film city of Kolhapur awaits to welcome you.

Kolhapur Film City is not merely a physical location; it is a hub of inspiration, a melting pot of talent, and a canvas where the art of cinema is painted with vivid colors.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of experiences that our Film City has to offer.