Studio No.1

The building has been provided with four different facades.
On the south side is the location of airport, hotel entrance and
a lobby. On the west side there is a police station and a porch.
On the north side is a grand facade of a court building while
on the east side is a shopping complex and big verandas.

The ground floor structure has huge halls to accommodate
supporting services or teams during the shoots. On the first
floor a banking and hospital lobby is designed. There are
three bedrooms attached with bathrooms constructed with
vast verandas for shoots related to educational scenes.

List of available infrastructure

  • Police station
  • Court
  • Government office
  • Dispensary
  • Reception counter, which is always needed in any film. With some cosmetic changes such as colour,
    combinations, property such as furniture, it can be used as per the requirement.
  • Here a floor with 60X40 size is available.
  • As a painter creates a painting on the canvas, the art director can use the floor as his canvas for
    creating a set as per the requirement.
  • In addition the skilled work force, machinery and other facilities for creating such locations are available.
  • The amenities includes
    Two cafeterias and two rest rooms.
  • The studio number 1 is thus an opportunity to use existing locations and create the newer one as
    perexpectations and requirements.